How does it work?

I choose my level of service and create my plots

I choose the level of service that suits me.

I create my plots on the Cclair application, and enter the history of my plot and my production factors.

Acquisition of photos of the plot

I take images of each tree in real time, when it is in full flower.

Positioned on the tractor, the acquisition box is used to obtain these images as you pass through the plot.

The acquisition unit processes the images in real time. It records the flowering density of all the trees in the plot and their GPS position, making it possible to map the actual flowering intensity.

Data processing on the Cclair application

The data is sent and processed on the Cclair web application.
Depending on the option taken out, users have access to a range of powerful, innovative tools and services: a map of each plot, a zoned treatment map, etc. enabling them to control the load more precisely.
Modulation of thinning treatments allows you to make informed decisions. With Cclair, you can finally take account of the heterogeneity of your plot to treat it more effectively. You get finer, more controlled load regulation.

Automated application of thinning treatments

Thinning programmes, optimised by Cclair, are automatically applied by sprayers controlled by GPS-guided modulation consoles.

The services

Flowering density map (5 levels)
Automatic detection of density levels
Automatic row zoning
Display of process maps on the modulation console*.
Tools for customised adjustment of density levels by acquisition histogram
Yield and treatment history
Modulation data can be integrated into a console for automated spraying control


An average gain + 2421€/Ha*

* on average across all tests carried out in 2017


Tonnage up
Increased and more uniform calibre

Stabilising the return to flower

Reduction in the alternation of trees

Manual thinning

Tonnage up
Lower costs

Lightening products

Lower costs
Lower IFT

Secure decision-making

You'll have all the information you need to make a success of your thinning operation without a doubt


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